“A violinist should always be happy when he (she) is playing.” – Jascha Heifetz

“Happiness is a thing to be practiced, like the violin.” – John Lubbock

It all started with a guy, a lifelong violinist, who was impossibly frustrated by the lack of truly comfortable chin and shoulder rests. He spent years loving the violin and making music, but hating the constant skin irritations, pain, and overall discomfort that came with traditional chin and shoulder rests. He then found inspiration in memory foam pillows and mattresses, and believing that the restorative nature of memory foam would work for chin & shoulder rests too, he promptly decided to marry the two together. A carefully crafted and innovative design resulted in the beautiful, sleek, and above all, comfortable domi chin & shoulder rest.

“After initially creating domi chin & shoulder rest to improve my own violin playing experience and to gain an advantage in comfort-level and style, I realized that I would be doing a disservice to the thousands of violinists and violists who are suffering each and every day through the same kind of pain and discomfort that I experienced for years, if I did not try to provide them all with this game-changing solution. So it was with great humility and gratitude that I embarked on my mission to improve the quality and playing experience of violinists and violists by providing the domi chin & shoulder rest for all to use. I continue to work hard each and every day to find new and innovative ways to improve the quality of life, performance, and playing experience for all musicians, specifically violinists and violists, and I continue to be extremely grateful for all your confidence and support for domi chin & shoulder rest as we go on this journey together!”

Dan Chen

Founder and Chief Violin Officer