VIP Customer Spotlight:

      The best thing about the domi is that it’s made out
      of this super soft and comfortable memory foam.
      The first time I tried it, I was blown away… domi
      changed the way I handle long practice sessions.
      I just don’t even think about that kind of pain that
      you have with a normal wooden chinrest anymore
      … It’s just one of the greatest things I’ve ever
      gotten for my violin.
                                -Ted Pak
                                 Harvard University
                                 The Juilliard School Pre-College

... Imagine a violin chinrest that’s soft… like, actually soft.

... Imagine a shoulder rest that fits perfectly to your body and doesn’t slip from your t-shirt, blouse, dress, or tuxedo.

... Imagine it being a 2-in-1 chin & shoulder rest, perfectly fitted to you.
... Imagine not having to deal with any pain or awkwardness while playing, and just focusing on creating beautiful music.
... Imagine a world where children can grow up learning the violin or viola without suffering through the traditional pain that comes from playing...Where adults can finally be free from all the hassle and discomfort from playing with traditional chin & shoulder rests...

Have Questions?

Here are the ones most asked by our customers:

Can I clean it?

Yes! Hacking through the Tchaikovsky Concerto is the hard part! This is easy. Simply rinse with a damp cloth. You can add a little dash of soap to the cloth too. But, make sure you don’t drench it in water or soap! The soft memory foam will absorb the water and soap like a sponge, and you’ll spend more time squeezing it out than practicing!

Will it fit my chinrest?

Yes! We designed it to fit any of the most commonly used wooden chinrests.

Will the adhesive stick forever?

Well, since we haven’t quite lived forever just yet, we can’t say that for sure. But, we can say the next best thing! The adhesive will start to get less sticky the more times you put it on and take it off your violin or viola. So when that happens, just rinse the adhesive with water, let it dry naturally or with a paper towel, and like magic, the stickiness comes back again! It’s awesome, we know.

Do you offer a guarantee of some kind?

Yes! We offer an amazing 110% money back guarantee! Yes, you read that right - We are so confident in the benefits of domi chin & shoulder rest that we are actually offering a 110% money back guarantee! If you try domi and it's honestly not the softest, most comfortable chin and/or shoulder rest you've ever tried for your violin or viola, just send it back to us within 10 days of receiving it, and we will refund your full purchase plus an additional 10% for your troubles! It's really a win-win for you!!!

When are you coming out with different colors? What about for kids?

We’re looking at different color options and would love to hear the colors you, our lovely customers want to try next!

We’re also working on developing a kids’ sized chinrest which we will hopefully have for you soon! For now, kids can use domi as their super comfy shoulder rest!

Are you guys really this awesome?

Aww shucks… :)